MemScreen : self-test application (iOS/Android) for screening patients with memory complaint.

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Wednesday 23 August 2017

MemScreen is now available on the stores

Link to download MemScreen on IOS Apple device (iphone, ipad) :

Link for Android devices :

Friday 4 November 2016

MemScreen : a self-test application (iOS/Android) for screening patients with memory complaint.

Memory complaint is common in adult general population, representing up to one third of subjects according to recent epidemiological studies. With the hope of future disease modifying drugs in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the early identification of non-demented subjects with objective cognitive dysfunction (i.e. mild cognitive impairment) will become a crucial issue. Criteria for MCI have been revised in 2011 by the NIA-AA, and among the various cognitive domain, impairment in episodic memory (i.e., the ability to learn and retain new information) has been recognized to be the most common clinical sign in MCI patients who subsequently progress to a diagnosis of AD dementia. Therefore the identification of MCI patients with objective impairment of episodic memory is important, as they may beneficiate from deeper investigations in specialized memory centers. In the future they will beneficiate from effective treatments to slow the disease. General practitioners (GPs) are on first line to screen and identify these subjects; however strategies and tools are still lacking to help them in this mission. Therefore, we developed in our specialized memory center at Lariboisiere hospital (Paris, France) a self-test application on smartphone, dedicated to GPs, with the goal to early identify patients with objective memory impairment.